A little misleading

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I found your site as I was looking for a study on Romans and found your Newell book. One format, epub says free but when clicked it is certainly not free as it leads to a page that requires a $2.99 fee. I have absolutely no problem paying for resources, and 3 bucks is nothing at all for such a book, but it shouldn't be listed as free. This isn't discovered until after one registers for the website and that feels deceptive to me.

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Update on "Free" issue

Okay folks,

I have finally been sent a screen shot proving that this definitely is happening. While most of us get "$2.95" under ePub, some readers are getting "Free." And yes, going on to the next screen gets consistent with $2.95 being required to actually download the book.

I have forwarded the e-mail with the screen shots so the folks in Grand Rapids can see that the weird glitch needs to be addressed. Let me assure you it is unintentional and they will be trying to isolate the cause and get it fixed.

The problem seems to be associated with where the reader is located. One person has done a little check and found that the "Free" appears only if the computer is in a non-USA country, which is why none of us were able to duplicate the problem. When the same person routed his computer through an American proxy server, his screen changed to show the $2.95 price on the main book page.

Hopefully, this problem will be corrected soon since we are narrowing down the glitch.

Dave S.
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