A little misleading

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I found your site as I was looking for a study on Romans and found your Newell book. One format, epub says free but when clicked it is certainly not free as it leads to a page that requires a $2.99 fee. I have absolutely no problem paying for resources, and 3 bucks is nothing at all for such a book, but it shouldn't be listed as free. This isn't discovered until after one registers for the website and that feels deceptive to me.

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Perhaps a misread

Thank you for writing your concern. One of the things we try not to be is misleading. However, when I brought up the Newell Romans page, I found that "Read Online", "Adobe Acrobat PDF" and "Plain Text" are listed as "Free," while "ePub" says "$2.95", "Kindle ebook" says "Varies", "Apple iBook" says "2.99", and getting it in the "CCEL Commentaries CD" is $40.00 for the whole CD.

I apologize for the confusion, but I hope $2.95 was what you paid. We might need to correct the price to $2.99 from $2.95.

By the way, I hope you enjoy Newell on Romans as much as I do. It is a fairly new addition to our library, and I am currently proofreading it for scanning errors in the conversion process.

Dave S.
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