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It's been a few weeks and I keep getting the error message "Access Denied" when I try to edit a wikibook. The browser I use doesn't matter -- I've used Camino, Firefox (latest), and Safari (latest for my platform). I'm on Mac OS X 10.5.

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Has me stumped . . .

but I have contacted Harry to ask him to check into this for you. Hopefully, it will be resolved quickly.

I see you are one of the few who has the edit capability in the Wikibooks, which even I don't have. Therefore, I don't think I even see the same things on the page. All I see is the page image view, but now that I've researched it, I see that you do work on an editing program to convert the Wiki to general documents. It definitely had me confused when I first looked at a Wikibook page, and your more detailed information gave me a new knowledge of what the future may hold for others of us.

Thanks for your work.

Dave S.
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