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It's been a few weeks and I keep getting the error message "Access Denied" when I try to edit a wikibook. The browser I use doesn't matter -- I've used Camino, Firefox (latest), and Safari (latest for my platform). I'm on Mac OS X 10.5.

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I am familiar with the

I am familiar with the proofreading/editing philosophy, because I was editing/proofing these books up until a few weeks ago. Feel free to see my prior work on Heather and Snow, and To Be Near Unto God.

The books in wikibook format often need editing to conform to the printed page, especially when TOCs are involved -- there, the work is extensive. (See the TOCs for Heather and Snow.) That work is not proofing, because changes must be made. Actually, formatting changes must be made on every page of every wikibook. That's what I was doing, in addition to proofing.

I seem to be the only one affected. If I did something wrong, nobody told me. Just whammo -- no more editing/proofing allowed.