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It's been a few weeks and I keep getting the error message "Access Denied" when I try to edit a wikibook. The browser I use doesn't matter -- I've used Camino, Firefox (latest), and Safari (latest for my platform). I'm on Mac OS X 10.5.

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"Tribulation worketh patience"


Thank you for your interest in cleaning up errors in our documents.

Perhaps a little clarification could straighten out the issue here. When I searched for wikibooks at CCEL, I only found 6 books, all of which are in page image format. While I know that Harry is working on software to support conversion of these page images to general documents, the software is not finalized yet.

But I am curious what corrections you wish to make in these wikibooks. Our proofreading philosophy is to make an on-line version of the document using xml and ThML, but we also try to keep the text as identical as possible to the original text, which is what we would see in the page images I found in wikibook format. Perhaps you could clarify for me.

Dave S.
Senior Moderator, Volunteers for Proofreading
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