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I am a Christian Internet Marketer / Webmaster and as such would like to "advertise" CCEL, in some way, on some of my websites.
Are there any 'resources' available for that?
It's called "Pay Back" [for some of the excellent resources I've used here].

P.S. I'm certain CCEL would benefit by an increase of traffic to the site!

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Brother Dave, Thank You

Brother Dave,

Thank you for your kind advice. There is no question on my part as to what or why that is going on behind the server at

I have been asked to help address this type of information directly as a volunteer here within the server at This is the reason why.

Brother Harry has already answered my last e-mail to him, and he will take care of this information personally.

I have been requested by brother Harry to address all of these similar problems by informing him directly. I do receive back from him the information that is needing to be addressed here at

Thanks again for your kind advise, brother Dave.