Medieval languages

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Hi all-

I am interested in learning more about medieval ideas and wanted to know more about the languages spoken in the Holy roman empire, although it was mostly german. So far I have found out that Latin was an official language for a long time, but the last 200 years german was more dominant. I tend to think that the reformation had something to do with the language change. I don't know if I have time to learn both latin and german (or desire!), but I think that to understand what the monks were learning at that time would be invaluable to Christians. Thanks for your help!


ancient languages by tomgroeneman
Patrologia latina by steve51885
the heritage of the saints by tomgroeneman
tug and pull by steve51885
systematic theology by tomgroeneman
Grudem and Aquinas by steve51885
Aquinas by steve51885
Orthodox texts by tomgroeneman
philokalia by steve51885
Philokalia II by steve51885

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