What is Apostolic Succession?

Reply to Bill on Apostolic succession

I concur this is not a claim unique to RCC as multiple groups claim apostolic succession. However this poster does not find legitimacy in having to substantiate an unbroken linear succession back to Christ. Inasmuch as such is a matter of faith and not empirically provable it is a claim that, to me, creates an undesirable position for the groups making such a claim. For many of us, the legitimacy and validation of what we are all doing comes right from the biblical writers and therefore doesnt need to prove a broken chain back to Peter to Christ. Let's use marriage as an example. I am not implying when my pastor performs a wedding it is any more "Christian" than when an RCC or Anglican priest performs a wedding. What I am saying is that regardless of which is correct about having the most direct succession line, it is God in His Word that legitimizes the priest/pastor performing a wedding facilitating a man and woman entering into a marrage covenant with God. Thus a wedding performed by any of the groups claiming apostolic succession is as legitimate and valid as a wedding performed by any of the other groups.

As was implied by another poster, many of these threads go days/weeks/months and then someone finds a thread that gets their interest, and enters a new comment or replies to a post that gets their attention. It is good to know that the multidenominational nature of the forum makes for some interesting conversation. Since we all have different authority bases, the argument is seldom won by an appeal to a given authority base (scripture, tradition, church, ...). However it can be a real learning experience provided we try to learn from each other without winning over the other.

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