What is Apostolic Succession?

Rock - foundation - cornerstone edited

The reason many of us do not, and others do, accept the idea of apostolic succession thru any specific apostle lies in the building analogy as a whole rather than in isolation. Peter is the rock, Jesus is the cornerstone and Rock, the apostles as a whole are the foundation...does that sound like a special place was intended for Peter? It doesnt to me.

To extend on that thought. Christ nor none of the other apostles specify this special office that is presumed to have gone to Peter. Would Luke have omitted Peter being put in charge of the whole world under Christ if that was the intent Christ meant? I dont think so. Would Paul have rebuked Peter if he were in authority over him? I dont belive so. Does it make sense tht in the same timeframe and Gospel Christ says Peter is a rock that Christ also rebukes him as a child of Satan. Does that imply a special or unique place that Peter is in? Not to me.

It makes total sense to me that the Apostles, as a whole, were foundational and upon their confession and inspired words the church indeed was built as teh shape was established by the Cornerstone. This is very much consistent with teh relevant Matthew 16/18 passages and Jn 14-16 passages.

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