Gregory of Nazianzus not visible in 'Browse Author'

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Looking to check a quote from this character, I was disappointed to see that he isn't listed in the browse facility. So I gave up, did a google search and found a site dedicated to him. This offered me links to his material - which bought me straight back here! Whilst all's well that ends well, the issue is that the writing of many of the early fathers is not available via the browse author facility BUT SOME IS! This is confusing: is someone slowly adding the links from the NPNF, or what. The problem is accentuated by the fact that a search for him comes with nothing in the authors / titles search (the usual problem with these guys) and a lot of 'noise' in the general search. To be fair however the tag search does point in the right direction! Perhaps I've resolved the issue for the future, at least for myself.

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Okay, I think I have a suggestion

The reason an "Author" search doesn't work is that no books in the CCEL library were written by this St. Gregory. However, I think you can find a very effective search if you use the generic "Search CCEL" that is just to the right of "Home, Browse, Community, Store." Type "Gregory Nazianzus" and press the Return key. I got a substantial list of this specific St. Gregory.

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