A Guide to Good Investments

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In today’s troubling times a sound investment strategy is of utmost importance. One can not expect to survive this economy for very long without at least considering where to invest and how to invest. The same can be said of spiritual matters.
A reliable source of information that outlines the potential pitfalls of a bad investment and the rewards of a sound investment should be our first consideration.
I can think of no other outline, manual, or book that surpasses the bible for reliable information pertaining to spiritual investments. Jesus is by far the most successful person that ever lived; to macro-model Jesus is to guarantee our success. Macro-modeling is a term used to describe what we do when we model the actions of successful people for the purpose of becoming successful our self.
For our first consideration we will look at where Jesus suggests we invest. In his sermon on the mount Jesus tells us not to lay up treasures on the earth where moths and rust will corrupt or possibly thieves break in and steal. But rather, to lay up our treasures in heaven where neither moths nor rust can corrupt, and not giving thieves a chance to break in to steal. (Matt. 6:19-21)
Exactly what did Jesus mean by the term “lay up treasure”?
If we look at the context of this portion of scripture we see Jesus contrasting the deeds of the Jewish rulers with those of the disciples. In every case we see Jesus emphasizing the need to give glory to God in specific areas of life, and not to glorify man, to do so is to cut off our reward from God.
He outlines four areas (alms giving, fasting, praying, and materialism) for us to invest in, showing us that with the proper attitude we can lay up treasure in heaven.
The Greek word for the term “lay up” is thesaurizo. It means to gather together, to heap up, and store up something to be used at a later date.
Metaphorically speaking; it means so to live from day to day as to increase either the bitterness or the happiness of one’s consequent lot.
If we put together what we have just learned we conclude first of all that we can earn dividends in the bank of our soul by investing in spiritual matters rather than earthly matters. Secondly we learned that we should not reward our self, but rather give all praise, honor, and glory to God and let Him reward us. Thirdly we learned that the reward on our investment comes in the form of prosperity in this life, and peace with God in the life to come.
The next question is how do we invest in the bank of our soul?
The answer to that question is found in Matthew 12:34-37.
Jesus again is confronted by religious leaders who are determined to entrap him that they might have reason to accuse him, but the Master performs righteously giving no occasion for his enemies to ensnare him.
Perceiving their intentions he declares to them the source of their wickedness and in so doing shows us how we can make wise investments in the bank of our soul.
Jesus says in verse 35 that man can invest in the good treasure of his heart or he can invest in the evil treasure of his heart. Whichever treasure has been invested in more will determine the words that proceed from the heart. He said in verse 37 that our words will either justify us or condemn us. So true are the words of wise man Solomon in Proverbs 18:21; Death and life are in the power of the tongue. And they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.
To be a wise investor, we must seriously consider the metaphorical definition of the word thesaurizo, and determine to live day by day increasing our happiness by changing every deposit into the evil treasure of our heart, into a deposit in the good treasure of our heart.

In the financial world there are risks involved when we move our funds around trying to make a profit, but this investment plan has the assurance from the Lord who cannot lie. If he said our investment will give us gain in this life and the life to come we can bank on it.