The Four Pillars of the Kingdom (EDITED)

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Sadly, we live in a self- perpetuating cycle wherein we are handed a faith that is nothing more than a cultural or family institution. We then take this set of beliefs for granted and are content to go through the motions, never aspiring to a real relationship with Christ or with our fellow believers. We are sleepwalking towards eternity, being lulled by a complacent institutional Christianity rather than seeking an active, vibrant one-on-one relationship with Jesus Christ. Many of us do not know what it is that we profess to believe or why we should believe it. We don’t understand the importance of things like prayer or Bible study or praise and why these things are more than routine obligations but are holy acts of communion that connect every aspect of our being with our Eternal Father. And, failing this relationship, its no wonder that so many of us relegate our entire spiritual existence to, at best, one Sunday morning per week, for a single service that simply cannot be enough to teach us, inspire us, or feed the soul’s innate longing for Christ.

Our nation is defined by the a la carte Christian who seeks comfort and affirmation and by the institutional pastorate that gives it to them in a doctrine-lite message meant to offend as few as possible. By prosperity preachers whose message is that a good life is one of material success and that the size of one's bank account is a reflection of your closeness to God; pastors who are afraid to stand up for the Word out of fear of offending their "mega-congregations" and thereby reducing their own "closeness to God," aka their cash flow. We have diminished and marginalized God and His principles in order to create a belief system that is about us, that is driven by daytime talk show hosts who peddle books by the latest guru and who pad their bank accounts by adding leaven to our already bloated sense of self-worth.

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