Reformed Theology: God's Grace

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This discussion will be limited to the discussion of God's grace as it pertains to Reformed Theology.

Barry writes,

I would like to suggest that we explore the topic of "God's Grace " as it relates specifically to the process of one's coming to salvation. I personally am particularly interested in the doctrine of "Prevenient Grace", however, at ElderDad's suggestion which points out our primary forum theme, addressing the RT position termed "Irresistible Grace" first is the more appropriate approach.

So, if this approach is acceptable, I would invite someone to begin this thread by first defining the term, then giving a brief re-cap of the history of "TULIP", and concluding with Scriptural references supporting the concept. That should get us rolling.

Barring objections, I would encourage someone in the Reformed camp to please begin.

Grace and peace to all.


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(The first 3 headings are reserved for Reformed Theology Adherents ONLY)

Defining the terms (No opposing views here)
     Irresistible Grace
     Prevenient Grace
Brief re-cap of the history of "TULIP" (No opposing views here)
     Early History
     Later History
     Unfolding History/Current Understanding
Scriptural references supporting the concept (No opposing views here)
     Irresistible Grace
     Prevenient Grace
1st Discussion: Irresistible Grace
2nd Discussion: Prevenient Grace
3rd Discussion: etc...

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Biblically Positioned Solterology and The RT of Calvin

Brother Berry,

I have a question to offer those who appear to conform to Calvin's Understanding which does seem to answer some of the questions about Biblically Solterology.

Understanding Biblically this question could lead us in a different direction other than what Calvin has positioned within TULIP as just the basics.

Have you ever supposed what kind of Solterology that Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David subscribed to? I know it didn't have RT or Calvin attached to it, but if we were to examine Salvation from their perspective in time, we could come to a better understanding as Christians today as to what is necessary and what is not.

If we can understand what those First Saints of G-d knew and understood as The Truth that comes from The Torah, then maybe we can actually See what Yeshua/Jesus was pointing out as He would teach from those Five Books at The Temple in Jerusalem.

The actual thing that I found as I studied The Old Testament is that G-d desires All of His Creation to find Redemption in His Perfect Lamb/Jesus. Our G-d is a Patient Father and gives us exactly what each one really desires. When anyone desires to leave G-d's Protection and go his own way, G-d willingly gives him what his hearts' desire IS.

G-d Patiently awaits for All of His Creation to make their life's choice. While we know that G-d's Grace is Sufficient to Change even the most unrepentant heart, He will keep applying more Grace towards us until we have breathed our last breath of life.

Within The Pale of Orthodoxy, that is The Apostolic Understanding of The Early Christian Church, our Salvation is by Faith in G-d and is lived out each day individually by our adherence to G-d's Way of living in life. It is because of G-d's Grace that we are able to see our life in relationship to Him as being separated and in a lost condition. G-d's Grace Enables us Turn from our Rebellion in sin. The reason for this is G-d's Love!

G-d desires Fellowship with His Created Creatures, mankind. It is for this Purpose alone that G-d has been Calling All of us out of Love, Grace and Mercy. All of Torah describes G-d's Love, Passion and His Desire of Fellowship with His Created Creatures. G-d has given us His Torah through Moses, as a Set of Directions to live life by. If we understand this point, everything else is secondary.

I hope I haven't distracted too far from RT to make this point available. It was to help us see our Faith is from G-d and we are not our own. We have been Redeemed by G-d's Mercy and Grace being Poured out for us by His Perfect Lamb, that opened not His Mouth, but Willing Gave of Himself as The Price for our Redemption. I believe this is as close as we can come to Understanding what is The Orthodox Solterology of The Early Christian Church at Jerusalem that were mostly Jews, by birth.

What was understood then as Salvation has not changed. For with G-d, there is No Turning!