Reformed Theology: God's Grace

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This discussion will be limited to the discussion of God's grace as it pertains to Reformed Theology.

Barry writes,

I would like to suggest that we explore the topic of "God's Grace " as it relates specifically to the process of one's coming to salvation. I personally am particularly interested in the doctrine of "Prevenient Grace", however, at ElderDad's suggestion which points out our primary forum theme, addressing the RT position termed "Irresistible Grace" first is the more appropriate approach.

So, if this approach is acceptable, I would invite someone to begin this thread by first defining the term, then giving a brief re-cap of the history of "TULIP", and concluding with Scriptural references supporting the concept. That should get us rolling.

Barring objections, I would encourage someone in the Reformed camp to please begin.

Grace and peace to all.


Suggested Structure: (Best if viewing options set: Threaded Collapsed | Oldest First | 200/page |)

(The first 3 headings are reserved for Reformed Theology Adherents ONLY)

Defining the terms (No opposing views here)
     Irresistible Grace
     Prevenient Grace
Brief re-cap of the history of "TULIP" (No opposing views here)
     Early History
     Later History
     Unfolding History/Current Understanding
Scriptural references supporting the concept (No opposing views here)
     Irresistible Grace
     Prevenient Grace
1st Discussion: Irresistible Grace
2nd Discussion: Prevenient Grace
3rd Discussion: etc...

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Brief tutorial (Barry)

Due to system constraints, Barry, the structure I envision only works well when you view the topic with your settings set to: Threaded/Collapsed | Oldest First | 300 per page. Otherwise, you cannot see the structure.

But when the number of posts exceeds the allowable maximum per page (300) then it all falls apart because you cannot page next or previous without loosing the "newby" tag which makes it difficult to see new posts. You are forced to change your viewing options to, perhaps: Flat | Newest first | and some suitable number per page. This places all the new posts at the top but totally destroys any awareness of the structure. Personally, I am forced to switch back and forth.

Hence, for convenience, it is helpful to others to instruct them in your post not to reply to it--that it is part of the basis for the ensuing discussions and is not up for debate. That's a lot to ask but we can try to work with the features we have.

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