Problem in images with new CCEL format

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While I am working on proofreading, I have the document I am working on in one window and the page images in another window. Sometimes I need to enlarge the text of the images to see the signs on the Greek vowels more clearly. When I do, the new CCEL environment will not allow me to scroll right on the image. It just hides the right side of the page under the "Recently viewed" frame. As it is, my only solution is to enlarge the CCEL page image window, but then it is out over the document I am working on in the editing program I am using. Would it be possible to put a scroll bar inside the window so that it only scrolls the image, not the image AND righthand information bar?

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Thank you Binki. The internal scroll bar works great. I'm sure this is not an issue for very many people, but I surely do appreciate the improvement.


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