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Worship Around the World


Not long ago I showed a visitor around Grand Rapids and brought him to my church. His comments about the sanctuary were intriguing; he saw the space differently than I did. I couldn't be objective, since what I have experienced there is more important than the space itself. And yet that space has shaped me, our congregation, and our worship, as all spaces do.

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As every

As every coin has two sides, making this the situation with each and every aspect in our life - having both pros and cons. With regards to playing games online, there were different opinions from people around the world, rooting with either the positive side or the pessimistic of it. In the following paragraphs, I must club the benefits and drawbacks, to be able to do a relative comparison are available with a well reasoned conclusion.

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worship missing in most churches

the churches that i have been invited to lack the real closeness to God when they worship in song its empty very shallow i believe its the choice of songs in most cases and another is that they are not of one spirit maybe before worship a alter call might help so that people will be freed of spirits that are binding them and then to be filled with the true Spirit of God then they can truly worship in spirit