picture error

I've tried to change my profile picture a few times, and it seems to just reset to the picture I've been using for awhile--is this a programming bug or something going wrong on my end?

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Cache problems?

Has this problem fixed itself or is it still a problem for you?

Is http://ohnopub.net/~ohnobinki/anindex/picture-224449.jpg the correct profile picture or the wrong one? If that link points to the correct image, then you probably just have to ask your browser to do a cache-flushing refresh (on many browsers, CTRL+SHIFT-r or C-R instead of just CTRL-r or C-r). I noticed that I needed to ask my browser to refresh its caches when I set and then changed my image.

The reason this problem appears is that drupal will always store your image at the location `http://ccel.org/files/pictures/picture-224449.jpg' and the cache lifetime for files in these folders is set high because it is unlikely that they will change. Thus, your browser doesn't check if these files are updated that often -- meaning that they probably check if these files are updated every few hours instead of every time you load another http://ccel.org/ page.

Note that to avoid uploading your new profile picture to every website you use, you may instead get a http://gravatar.com/ and then just delete the picture you uploaded to ccel.org. Your picture will automatically show up on any site that supports Gravatar, such as ccel.org and most blog sites.