Temptation and sin relationship

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I would like to ask a a question that has perplexed me for some time now.
Is temptation sin?
According to Jesus, if a man even thinks of a women in a sexual manner, he has already committed adultery with her. This would make the thought sin.

God says he tests us which is the same word as tempts us in the Greek. I know He dose not tempt us Himself (according to James) but He uses Satan to do this, Therefore removing all blame on God.

When Jesus received the Holy Spirit at baptism He was led to the wilderness to be Tempted by satan.

My real question lays here:
Is when we contemplate sinful thoughts, when it actually becomes sinful? Or is the thought itself at first sinful? I think its the former, but i would like to hear everyone's thoughts on the subject. Please keep it scriptural though.

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