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Brother Lawrence study group is ending in August of 2012--Consider joining the Mark study group which starts in Sept. of 2012

WELCOME! My name is Ken Verhulst, and I will be moderating this new discussion group dealing with Brother Lawrence's The Practice of the Presence of God. I will post questions weekly, but this group will not work without the participation of the group members. In addition to responding to the moderator's questions, I encourage all participants to post their own questions and thoughts. I intend this discussion group to be friendly and not intimidating. If you really like to argue or express your wit in ways that might offend others, then this group is not for you.

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Please try to keep your responses on-subject; it’s okay to stray from the main topic a little, but if things go too far afield from The Practice of the Presence of God, I will delete or edit posts to keep the conversation from derailing. The same is true for posts which have unacceptable content. If you have questions about what is acceptable and unacceptable, the Forum Guidelines spell things out very well. The rules for posting in the forums apply to this group study, and I will also address situations that are not directly covered in the official guidelines as I see fit.

Additional Notes: If you need assistance figuring out the group format, contact me at If you sign up for this group but don't want to receive email every time something new is posted, you can make the necessary adjustments by editing your account information by following these instructions. We will be posting the discussion questions and possibly some of the comments made here on the CCEL Facebook page.

Here is a link to the book we will be discussing: Practicing the Presence of God.

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Solely to Love God

Ken, I am pleased to join the Practice The Presence of God study group. My name is Steve Sullivan. I am a 53-year-old engineer, husband and father of 4. I am a Christian, a student of the Bible, a Church-goer, and currently a student of The Practice of the Presence of God. I have read it twice and then some. I have listened to it on audio. And I have endeavored to make it's advice my way of practicing daily life.

Since I am a new member, I do not know what you have been discussing (yet). I will introduce myself to you, and the group with the following. You see, as I read the conversations and letters in Brother Lawrence's little book, I like what I read and I think "That is the way it is; that is the way it should be" but then I find that life happens and I don't effectively live as I intend - like the author suggests. I am currently working on comparing Brother Lawrence's advice to the advice we read in the Bible - specifically the words of Jesus, the words of God, John, James and Paul. I am doing this with the thought: "Why does the Bible not sound more like Brother Lawrence in its description of a daily life with God?" I have another question: "How did this man, at age 18, make an irreversed change to living solely for the love of God?" The fact that he was able to converse and write letters about this love is not amazing if he truly lived in this love continually. The fact of these conversations and letters is good evidence that he did truly live in this love. It is the love and attention to God that seems amazing to me. It seems that once he found and established the love of God in himself in this manner, that he really did not need mentor, Bible, confessional, study, or even prayer time (i.e. times of prayer, group prayer, or "quiet times") to live with God and be God's instrument. All of his time was love and prayer and talk and confession, directly with God. He did not have to stop, bow his head, and say "dear Lord." He said that he was "much in need of a confessor", but most of his conversation and writing indicate that he did not really, because he confessed with God frequently and left all at His feet. Most of us seem to study, pray, attend church, confess, read, and pray more - and never get to where we feel the daily presence of God. So, the larger question is "Why does it seem like we try more (we are so educated) with less effect?" I will be pleased to get a response from the study group.