Schaff on Julian -- Citation needed.

berg2's picture quotation from Julian on 'dead Jew'. I can't find the source material. The website note 113 doesn't relate to that quotation. It's supposed to be in ap.Cyril, but I can't find such a book. Only found the Lardner citation, which has the text in legibly Greek, but the source book name isn't legible. I'm not sure what the 'ap' abbreviation means. I'm thinking 'apw', but that can't be right. Nor can I find any listing in Lardner which explains his abbreviations.

Can you provide the citation? The quote is supposed to be from Julian, and says 'go over to a dead Jew' in English, which is close enough. You can find the quotation, but not the source itself, so to read it in situ.

Thanks for your help!