The question of sin

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Would someone please answer this question... Jesus came to free us from sin but sin still remains a struggle in the lives of His church. How exactly did He free us from sin as He said in John 10? Surely God can give abundant grace to His children so that they sin no more but its as if though He holds back that grace and allows the struggle though He hates sin.. Could someone find a consensus here?

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Sanctification (in this life) NOT EQUAL to Sinless Perfection


Your comments on what it means to be "free from sin" are right on point. I agree completely. Well said.

I want to state unambiguously that what I am speaking on in the thread below in "Holiness IS Possible" is sanctification, not sinless perfection. Since "sinless perfection" is something that happens in the hereafter in heaven during glorification, it is of no use to even debate that. I am talking about the battle that we as christians must wage against self, the world, and sin. We may not win every battle, but it is NOT because God is not able to keep us. If we fall, it is by our choice.