The question of sin

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Would someone please answer this question... Jesus came to free us from sin but sin still remains a struggle in the lives of His church. How exactly did He free us from sin as He said in John 10? Surely God can give abundant grace to His children so that they sin no more but its as if though He holds back that grace and allows the struggle though He hates sin.. Could someone find a consensus here?

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Amen to that brother...

Amen to that brother...though probably some does or did it. But eternal thanks because our righteousness is not of our good or bad works.

The Gospel of Christ means that:( As we repent and make Jesus our Savior and Lord)

1. Salvation from God's wrath.
2. We are born again and have a new spirit.
3. We are sealed and become partakers of the Spirit of God.
4. Freedom from our sinful nature.
5. No more condemnation from sin, we are not and we will not be imputed with our sins.
6. We are righteous apart from observance of the Law or good works.
7. Became children of God.
8. Became heirs with Christ.
9. Freedom...Freedom...Freedom!!! NOT TO SIN...but to rejoice with God, to celebrate this great great mercy and this tremendous good news of God. Freedom to approach God with all our cares with full confidence because He does not deal with us according to law, to our good or bad works, or daily performance (e.g. because we paid or not paid our tithes, went to church on Sunday, had or missed our quiet time, had been hard headed and so on..) but according to His goodness.

And He do it with all freedom, rightteousness, and justice because of what He had done through Christ our Lord.

What about sin?...I still live in this mortal flesh, my mortal mind is programmed with so many sinful thoughts and desires but as I continue with His words, as I present myself as a living sacrifice, my mind will be renewed, my flesh will be subject to good things. I have a new nature, I have the Spirit of the Lord, I will not be subject to any sinful thoughts or inclinations, I am a new man_ I am claiming this through faith in Christ Jesus and let God be true and everyone a liar.

Finally, with the Lord's coming we will be transformed with a wink of an eye. We will have a new mind & bodies which are incorruptible just like Jesus our Lord is... Meanwhile as we wait for this to happen, as the Bible says, the just will live through faith and this faith does not disappoint us.