The question of sin

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Would someone please answer this question... Jesus came to free us from sin but sin still remains a struggle in the lives of His church. How exactly did He free us from sin as He said in John 10? Surely God can give abundant grace to His children so that they sin no more but its as if though He holds back that grace and allows the struggle though He hates sin.. Could someone find a consensus here?

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Quote: "Paul said in the


"Paul said in the letter to the Romans about the two natures , he did the things he did not want to do and the things he wanted to do he did not."

Actually, in Romans 7, Paul was not speaking of his spiritual state at the time of writing. He was speaking hypothetically. He was saying that without Christ, he of himself served the law of God in his mind but with his flesh served the law of sin.

However, early in chapter 8, he made plain that with Christ, it was unnecessary to be in that state. He said: "... the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set me free from the law of sin and death!"