7 days of creation spiritual rebirth

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Briefest Summary:

Stages: External representation

Spiritual State: Internal
Initial state: without form and void. Prior to rebirth: no spiritual form
First state: light and darkness. Knowing that the good and the true are something higher.
Second state: heavens and earth. Distinguishing those spiritual things from God (in the internal man), from those of oneself (in the external)
Third state: tender grass, tree bearing fruit. Acting from knowledge, not from the heart
Fourth state: sun and moon. Love and Insight begin in the internal
Fifth state: whales of the sea, birds of the heavens. Actions to confirm oneself in truth and good: deep principles & rising thoughts
Sixth state: living soul, beast, ‘image of God’. Actions from insight, and hence from love: alive at last – ‘spiritual’
Seventh state: day of rest Actions from love, and hence from insight: ‘celestial’

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The Genesis story of Creation

The Genesis story of Creation was originally not intended as a description of how the natural universe was formed. The Arcana states that "the creation of the universe is not there meant: for such things are there described as may be known from common sense not to have been so - as that there were days before the sun and moon.... It is plain that the historic narrative concerning the creation and concerning the first man and concerning paradise, is a history so framed as to contain within it heavenly and Divine things, and this according to the accepted manner [of writing] in the Ancient Churches. This style of writing extended thence also to many who were outside of that Church, who in like manner devised histories and involved arcane within them, as is clear from very ancient writers".

(GAP) GOD ANSWERS PRAYER.ONE'S HEART SPEAK'S LOUDER THEN ONE'S INTELLECT,WITHOUT THE RICH HEART WEALTH IS AN UGLY BEGGER,Father Son and Holy Spirit,Are the three essentials of the one God,Like body soul and operation in man.