The writings and beliefs of Emanuel Swedenborg

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In the past few days, a number of quotations from the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg have shown up on the CCEL. I am hoping that the poster will use this opportunity to open discussion on the beliefs of Emanuel Swedenborg so others may learn what they represent. Anyone who would like to get this going, please feel free to chip in.

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swedenborg the revelator

if anyone out there is familar with emanuel swedenborg,they will see that he was a revelator in regard's to the word of god,he repersents the final piece of the puzzle,in regards to the second coming of our lord jesus christ,did not jesus say in the gospel of john i have many more things to say to you, but you can not bear them now,but when the spirit of truth comes he will bring back all that i taught you to your rememberence, see for your self who he was and repersents, all revelator's and preachers served there time out there,it's up to you to see and percieve who he was,he was not a literalist thats for sure, he was born in the age of reason like many good preachers of that time, 1688 to 1772, the old testament was ritual, the new testament was mystical, and the writings of swedenborg rational, for our lord said the truth will set you free, it's a long journey, but if we have an affection for the truth,its worth the journey......a lie can travel half way around the world,while truth puts on his boots. freedom in christ.amen. feel free to comment, my regards,

(GAP) GOD ANSWERS PRAYER.ONE'S HEART SPEAK'S LOUDER THEN ONE'S INTELLECT,WITHOUT THE RICH HEART WEALTH IS AN UGLY BEGGER,Father Son and Holy Spirit,Are the three essentials of the one God,Like body soul and operation in man.