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Here's a quotation from one of my favorites by Gerhard Tersteegen, translated by Frances Bevan:

How good it is, when weaned from all beside,
With God alone the soul is satisfied,
Deep hidden in His heart!

How good it is, redeemed, and washed, and shriven,
To dwell, a cloistered soul, with Christ in heaven,
Joined, never more to part!

How good the heart’s still chamber thus to close
On all but God alone—
There in the sweetness of His love repose,
His love unknown!

All else for ever lost—forgotten all
That else can be;
In rapture undisturbed, O Lord, to fall
And worship Thee.

There is much more, and many other verses by this man, and all as sweet as those above.
This short passage speaks to me about this website--CCEL. Although it isn't heaven (far from it!!) i can come here and rest in the sweetness of God's love as expressed by many of the authors. Many of them bring me to worship the King!

Karl Elden

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