The CCEL Times 8.8 (August 1, 2013)


Balancing further education with the demands of a busy life - Master's International School of Divinity

Nyack - Alliance Graduate School of Mission - Intercultural Studies, Missions and Urban Ministries

Calvin Theological Seminary - Continuing Education for pastors, teachers, church leaders and members.

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

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This is a wonderful ministry

This is a wonderful ministry I will surely visit this again and again to keep me updated.. Thank you!
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I would love to share your wonderful ministry on my Facebook timeline.

Any way that this can happen.

In Christ,
Jackie St Hilaire

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As an MATS grad student, I am

As an MATS grad student, I am willing to hear more about your ministry. You may contact me on Facebook. My is R. C. Williams

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Share more!

Share more!