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Free Will

Most people assume that God must run everything in a Newtonian way by a process where each action has an exact equal and opposite reaction. My view is that God created an intelligent universe. The Newtonian scheme really means the universe is not only not intelligent, but neither can we (humans) be intelligent.

Most scientist feel that since the universe does not react the way they think it should, the universe must be unintelligent. That is the universe is either deterministic (Newtonian) or random, neither of which is intelligent.

But there is intelligence in the universe. We (humans) are intelligent. So the universe must be intelligent or we could not be intelligent. But it is at the meeting of the deterministic and the random, when limits on the possible outcomes of a process require a system to choose between a small number of options, that the universe shows the growth in propensity that reveals that it is, in fact, intelligent. After all it is at just such a point in our brain, after we filter out the possibilities through thought, an optimum point is reached where we choose from the small remaining (random but limited) possibilities, and thus show our intelligence.

If the universe is merely deterministic and random there is no hope. But between the two is a range of possibilities from random, through chaos, through emergence (the intelligent range), to deterministic. The chaos range also combines the deterministic and random but the possibilities here are too high for the resolution (of intelligence) to occur.

Jerry Heath