Greg Scheer's Homepage Welcome to my home on the Internet. I've done a little house cleaning in order to make your browsing easier. My "front door" tells the different places you can go. But I assume since you're here you want to know more about me.

The short version: I'm a composer, a music director at Bellefield Presbyterian Church, and a husband (of Amy). If you want to know more you can read my formal resume, a short biography or "cave paintings," find out what new choir music my company, "Greg Scheer Music" has online, or browse below to see what projects I'm working on.

PS - If you're looking for the praise songs and choir music that used to be here, you can find them at the GSM site.


7/10/96 I just finished a rough draft of a new piece for viola and cello called "12." Ironically, the piece is in 12/8 time... I'll post a MIDI file when it's complete. By the way, those of you that live in the Boston area can hear "12" live in concert on September 14 and 15. Check out the CFAMC events page for details.
7/4/96 Amy and I started a new job. We're splitting secreterial (did I spell that right?) duties at Bellefield Presbyterian where I'm also the music director. So why don't you call on a Thursday or Friday and say hi. (412) 687-3222
4/30/96 Amy Chords are a hoax!
I hate to tell you this, but I have to judging from the amount of mail I get about this page. "Amy Chords" are a joke my wife and I have about here technique of playing the piano. (I can't joke too much since my piano skills aren't much better...) She plays lead sheets by putting the melody in her right hand and truly bizarre inversions of the chords in her left. Voila! -- Amy Chords! Since her piano playing usually centers around her favorite singer, Elton John, I created the Amy Chord page complete with spoof testimonials from Elton. Remember folks, not everything on the Internet is true!
4/28/96 "Three Rivers' Overture" premiered at the 1996 University of Pittsburgh graduation. The performance suffered from lack of rehearsal (about 20 minutes) and the worst setting for music imaginable: 17,000 drunk students and their parents stuffed in an ice skating rink. This piece is looking for a good home! Don't be shy -- a high school orchestra could play it, and I'll send you the score and parts for free!
2/4/96 "Cruel Inventions: a study of artistic restrictions in Christian Contemporary Music" can now be read on the WWW in this new HTML format. Of course, you can still download the text version.
"The Beauty of Your Holiness"
PostScript (430k, but well worth the wait...)
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Written for the Rev. Dr. Louis J. Mitchell upon the completion of his dissertation.
"Maybe the Rain"
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Dedicated to the Stehle family. If you attend Bellefield Presbyterian Church this summer, you may get to hear this song with Jeff Stehle, pianist par exellence, doing his thing.
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