The Greg Scheer Memorial Music Archives

Important News:
Amy and I have moved to Tallahassee, Florida where I've taken the position of Director of Music and Worship at Wildwood Presbyterian Church. No matter what the rest of these pages say, our real address is:
2000 N Meridian Rd Apt 282 Tallahassee FL 32303-4965
phone: 850-383-4213
The email address remains:
The Greg Scheer Memorial Music Archives
That's where you are right now.

Greg Scheer Music
a catalog of quality church choir music
QuickTime, MIDI and GIF files of the music that you can hear and view online
50% off digital scores!

Hymn Resources NEW! This is a starting place for your own research. (Please use it before emailing me with a question about a hymn!)
hymntexts, MIDI files, and Finale scores for your church orchestra

the home page of the Christian Fellowship of Art Music Composers

Cave Paintings
Various etchings from the walls of my life.

"Cruel Inventions: a study of artistic restrictions in Christian Contemporary Music"
"Amy Chords"
MIDI files of original compositions
the Swanee Weather Bureau

choral archives
MIDI files, papers, etc
the full text of Handel's "Messiah"
transcriptions of anonymous madrigals -- you can only find it here!

other sites you should know about

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Greg Scheer
2000 N Meridian Rd Apt 282 Tallahassee FL 32303-4965 850-383-4213