CCEL Structure

The Christian Classics Ethereal Library is located at Calvin College. Previous locations include Wheaton College, Illinois (1995–99) and the University of Pittsburgh (1993–95).

Advisory board members:
  • Harry Plantinga, Director of CCEL
    Professor of Computer Science
    Calvin College

  • Carl J. Verspoor, Attorney at Law
    Verspoor, Waalkes, Lalley, Slotsema & Talen
    Chair of the CCEL Advisory Board

  • Scott Zylstra, Business Unit Controller
    Cascade Engineering
  • Steven J. DeRose, Senior Content Engineer
    Really Strategies, Inc.
  • Glenn Remelts, Director of the Library
    Calvin College
  • Britt Dennison, Product Manager, New Media
    Zondervan Publishing House
  • Lugene Schemper, Theological Librarian
    Calvin College
  • Max VanWyk, Chief Executive Officer
    Van Wyk Risk & Financial Management
  • John Bolt, Professor of Systematic Theology
    Calvin Seminary
  • Roger Bruins, Chairman
    National Nail Corporation
  • Nyna Sykes
    Associate Director of CCEL

The CCEL Team:

  • Harry Plantinga - Director
  • Nyna Sykes - Business Manager and Associate Director
  • Brian Vanderwal - Software Developer
  • Ken Verhulst - Digital Library Coordinator
  • Dianne Shapiro - Data Entry Specialist
  • Nancy Naber - Administrative Assistant and Office Volunteer
  • Greg Scheer - Consultant
  • Nathan Bierma - The CCEL Times Editor

Students, and former students, who have worked on the project:

Debby Anema, Luke Baker, Nathan Beach, Eric Bengtson, Jason Bode, Dan Brown, Nat Burns, Byron DeVries, Nathan Dykhuis, Adam Emerson, Erich Enke, Brad Greco, Matt Hanchett, Emily Hanna, Andy Hanson, Josh Holtrop, Brian Johnson, Matt Johnson, Steve Kline, David Koop, Matt Koop, Peter Kraker, Alyssa Loufman, Ben Meyer, Wes Morgan, Jimmy Osborn, Tim Perrine, Eric Plantinga, Jeff Plantinga, Andrew Proper, Jon Roshko, Kyle Schlansker, Jonathan Spalink, Rebecca Sutton, Allison Thompson, Brian Tol, Gerard VanHalsema, Jon VanHofwegen, Brian Vanderwal, David Vos, Peter Winckles