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Paley, William (1743-1805)

Palgrave, Francis Turner (1824-1897)

Pamphilus of Caesarea (?-309)

Papias of Hierapolis

Pascal, Blaise (1623-1662)

Pasko, Mark

Patrick, St. (c. 390-c. 461)

Pattison, Mark (1813-1884)

Pearse, Roger

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ECF: Ambrose of Milan: Letters
ECF: Aphrahat: Demonstrations
ECF: Aristides the Philosopher: Apology
ECF: Asterius: Ancient Sermons for Modern Times
ECF: Basil the Great: Address to Young Men on the Right Use of Greek Literature
ECF: Chromatius of Aquileia: Sermons on the Gospel of Matthew
ECF: Cyril of Alexandria: Against Diodore of Tarsus and Theodore of Mospuestia
ECF: Cyril of Alexandria: Against Julian
ECF: Cyril of Alexandria: Against the Synousiasts
ECF: Cyril of Alexandria: Commentary on John
ECF: Cyril of Alexandria: Commentary on Luke
ECF: Cyril of Alexandria: Five Tomes Against Nestorius
ECF: Cyril of Alexandria: Scholia on the incarnation of the Only-Begotten
ECF: Cyril of Alexandria: That Christ is One
ECF: Dionysius of Alexandria: Newly discovered letters to the Popes Stephen and Xystus
ECF: Epiphanius of Salamis: Weights and Measures
ECF: Eunomius: The First Apology
ECF: Eusebius of Caesarea: Against Hierocles
ECF: Eusebius of Caesarea: Demonstratio Evangelica
ECF: Eusebius of Caesarea: Encomium on the Martyrs
ECF: Eusebius of Caesarea: On the Star
ECF: Eusebius of Caesarea: Onomasticon
ECF: Eusebius of Caesarea: Praeparatio Evangelica
ECF: Eusebius of Caesarea: The History of the Martyrs in Palestine
ECF: Eusebius of Caesarea: Theophania
ECF: Eusebius: Letter to Carpianus, On the Gospel Canons
ECF: Gregory of Nyssa: Life of St. Macrina
ECF: Hegesippus
ECF: Hermias the Philosopher: Derision of Gentile Philosophers
ECF: Irenaeus: Proof of the Apostolic Preaching
ECF: Jerome: Biblical Prefaces
ECF: Jerome: Commentary on Daniel
ECF: Jerome: Letter 120 (Ad Hedibiam)
ECF: John Chrysostom: Four Discourses
ECF: Marcionite and Anti Marcionite Prologues
ECF: Marutha of Maiperqat: On the Council of Nicaea
ECF: Nestorius: 2nd and 3rd letters to Pope Celestine
ECF: Nestorius: The Bazaar of Heracleides
ECF: Optatus of Milevis: Against the Donatists
ECF: Origen: On Prayer
ECF: Origen: Philocalia
ECF: Palladius: The Lausiac History
ECF: Philostorgius: Ecclesiastical History
ECF: Polycarp: Fragments from Victor of Capua
ECF: Possidius: Life of St. Augustine
ECF: St. Augustine, Enchiridion: On Faith, Hope, and Love
ECF: St. Ephraim: Prose Refutations (Volume I)
ECF: St. Ephraim: Prose Refutations (Volume II)
ECF: Thaumaturgus: Homily Concerning the Holy Mother of God
ECF: The Apocriticus of Macarius Magnes
ECF: The Extant Works of St. Pacian
ECF: The Western Text of the Acts of the Apostles
ECF: Theodore of Mopsuestia: Commentary on the Lord's Prayer
ECF: Theodore of Mopsuestia: Commentary on the Nicene Creed
ECF: Theodore of Mopsuestia: Prologue to the Acts of the Apostles
Selected Fathers of the Church

Penn, William (1644-1718)

Peter of Alexandria, Pope (?-311)


Philo (c. 20 B.C. - c. A.D. 50)

Pierson, Arthur Tappan (1837-1911)

Pierus of Alexandria

Pilcher, Charles Venn (1879-1961)

Pink, Arthur Walkington (1886-1952)

Plantinga, Alvin (1932- )

Plotinus (c. 205-270)

Plummer, Alfred

Polycarp, St. (c.69-c.155)

Potts, James Manning (1895-1973)

Powell, Baden (1796-1860)

Pressensé, Edmund Dehault de (1824-1891)

Prideaux, Humphrey (1648-1724)

Prudentius, Aurelius Clemens (358-413)

Pullan, Leighton (1865-1940)

Pusey, Edward Bouverie (1800-1882)