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Discussion Groups

It's like a Book Club, Online
Have you ever wanted to discuss a book with others? Have you considered the possibilities that an on-line book group might provide: a measure of accountability, a more structured format for daily devotions, or an opportunity to share your thoughts and insights with others. We hope that group members will get to know each other and consider praying for each other as they study these valuable books together. If you have any questions about the book groups, please e-mail Ken Verhulst.

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Before subscribing to a group, please click the group's title and read its page for expectations of members and any special instructions. Then click the 'subscribe' link.

Lead a group
Are you willing to be a group leader? We need group leaders before we can open new groups. Please e-mail the moderator if you ...

  • Would be willing to lead a book group for a particular book
  • Would like to suggest a book as a possible book group title
  • Have suggestions, ideas, and tips for organizing on-line book study groups. What do you think works well and what doesn't? We are still learning and would love your feedback.
Group Manager Subscribers Description Subscribe
Christian Mysticism: A study on Practical Applications willbulow 3,885

A study of Christian Mysticism

Book of Acts Study Group tomgroeneman 255

A weekly conversation and reflection on the Book of Pslams

Book of Psalms Study Group verhulst 170

A weekly conversation and reflection on a selected Psalm

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Augustine's City of God verhulst 4,480

An Ongoing Study of Augustine's City of God.

Studying Matthew with the Church Fathers verhulst 4,042

An in depth study of the Gospel of Matthew based on Aquinas' Catena Aurea

Pray, Praise & Ponder RobynHerself 128

a place for your personal expressions of praise, poetry & inspirational meditation.

Exegesis of Romans verhulst 92

An in depth study of the book of Romans based on analysis of the original Biblical language (Koine Greek).

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