Note 050
From Chapter 22 of the Decline & Fall

Lectulus . . . Vestalium toris purior,

Is the praise which Mamertinus (Panegyr. Vet. xi. [x.] 13) addresses to Julian himself. Libanius affirms, in sober peremptory language, that Julian never knew a woman before his marriage, or after the death of his wife (Orat. Parent. c. lxxxviii p. 313) . The chastity of Julian is confirmed by the impartial testimony of Ammianus (xxv. 4), and the partial silence of the Christians. Yet Julian ironically urges the reproach of the people of Antioch, that he almost always
(Ancient Greek in Misopogon, p. 345) lay alone. This suspicious expression is explained by the Abbe de la Bleterie (Hist. de Jovien, tom. ii. p. 103. 109) with candour and ingenuity.

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