Newsletter Feedback

The March issue the CCEL Times included a feature on the book The Practice of the Presence of God. We received lots of positive feedback on this article; here's one example.

This featured classic came to me quite timely coinciding with events in my life this week, just when I needed a reminder like this most. Thank you for sending me the email with link.

I am very grateful to Brother Lawrence too. I found encouragement in statements like: prayer and praise prevent discouragement and received a reality check from the real life description: none but He and I in the world.

I felt deeply affected when I read the words: all would be equal to a soul truly resigned. It really made me think and think and then I thought, yeah . . . that's how it feels.

I was reassured when I read: If this be delusion then it belongs to God to remedy it. Very reassuring. I hadn't thought of that.

I also felt frightened when I read the warning on time being short because really I am frightened by my inability to visualize myself basking in the luxury of God's Presence even though I know Him. But I am guessing I am at the beginning of a new journey and the first signpost has come to me from Brother Lawrence, no less.

With best wishes,

Linda Rose Fisher