The 1677/89 BCF Assistant is by no means the effort of a single person, but rather the concert of the labours of many who share a love of the Confession and historic Christianity. Deep thanks and gratitude go to the following persons:

Pastor Samuel Waldron (Grand Rapids, Michigan). For permission to use the Chapter Outlines from his book, A Modern Exposition of the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith, (Evangelical Press, 1989).

Pastor Greg Nichols (Grand Rapids, Michigan). For permission to use his Overview and Doctrinal Distinctives of the Confession.

Dr James Renihan (Escondido, California). For permission to use his material on the Historical and Theological Context and Origins of the Confession, as well as his contributions of the "mini biographies" on those who subscribed the Confession and his many helpful discussions and encouragements.

Miss Elva Hinchliffe, Miss Viviene and Miss Yvonne Ward who willingly gave many hours to the tedious task of proof reading.

The elders of the Stanmore Baptist Church, Sydney, Australia: Pastors Andew Elliott, Ian O'Harae, Robert Harrod, James Hogg, and Russell Matthews; who have been faithful shepherds of my soul and a constant source of encouragement and example.

To my darling wife, Carmel, and my wonderful children, Jessica, Ellen, Matthew, Isaac, Stephen and Claire who have put up with my many hours in front of the keyboard.

Thanks also to those who "tested" this program and have offered comments on how it could be improved.