Book Study Groups

Have you ever wanted to discuss a book with others? Have you considered the possibilities that an online book group might provide: a measure of accountability, a more structured format for daily devotions, or an opportunity to share your thoughts and insights with others.

CCEL plans to start on-line book groups, and you’re invited to participate. In addition to online book discussions, we are hoping that opportunities will exist for book group members to get to know other members as well as praying for and with each other.

The format of each book group will be decided by the leader (and members) of the book group.
Email Ken Verhulst if you ….
· Are interested in joining a book group
· Would like to suggest a book as a possible book group title
· Would be willing to lead a book group for a particular book
· I’d also like to hear suggestions, ideas, and tips for organizing on-line book clubs. Let me know what you think works well and what doesn’t work well for an online book study group.

Book groups will start when …
1. There is a volunteer leader
2. There is enough interest in a particular book (as determined by the volunteer leader)

When a book group is started, we’ll post a forum for the book group on the CCEL Web site.

Listed below are books (or types of books) that have been suggested for this undertaking. A ‘(leader)’ following the book title indicates an individual has agreed to lead the book group for this particular title. ‘(in progress)’ indicates the book group has already started, but new members are still welcome.

* The Imitation of Christ (leader)
* Norman Geisler's book, Christian Apologetics (leader)
* Reformed Pastor - Baxter
* Holiness - Ryle
* Grace Abounding - Bunyan
* Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul - Doddridge
* A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life
* Orthodoxy (leader)
* Pilgrim's Progress
* Spiritual Exercises
* Early Church Father Writings
* The Practice of the Presence of God" by Brother Lawrence
* Individuals books of the Bible (ie. Proverbs or Mark or Romans)