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THIS book appeals to those who are prepared to treat, if with severe, yet also with dispassionate criticism, one of the gravest subjects of human inquiry. It is not formally controversial, but it is virtually so, and is offered as a humble contribution in aid of other more elaborate efforts to correct and repel an indiscriminating infidelity.

The argument, in its idea, certainly in its construction, differs materially from those by which the truth it would establish has usually been supported. It is also purposely cumulative, and—if the conception be just and the execution answer at all to the conception—it must increase in force with the successive steps, and will be the weightiest at the close.

A profound mystery is here commended to viiithe judgment and conscience of honest and thoughtful men, but a mystery which is full of glory and light and life. There is One Wonderful Personality, only One, of all that ever dwelt on this earth, who had more immediate, constant and perfect access to the Infinite Fountain of Being, than was possible to the constitution of a mere creature.

London, 27th March, 1855.

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