History and Life of the Reverend Doctor John Tauler with Twenty-Five of his Sermons

Author:Winkworth, Catherine (1827-1878)
Author:Tauler, John (c. 1300-1361)
Description:John Tauler was a German Dominican mystic living in the 14th century. He is known as one of the Friends of God, an informal group of Catholic mystics who strove to deepen both their communal relationship as well as their inner spirituality. Tauler was a leader of this group. His sermons demonstrated his mastery of combining the mystical with the concrete, the spiritual with the practical. 25 of his sermons are included in this volume. He also taught that each human has a desire for God which is satisfied through detachment from earthly things. Also in this volume is a biography of Tauler, which allows readers to gain better insight into this ancient religious man's life and work.

Abby Zwart
CCEL Staff Writer
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