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Third Sunday after Trinity.

Cast all your care upon Him, for He careth for you.

From the Epistle. [1 Pet. 5:7]


Was von aussen und von innen

after A. H. Franke (1663-1727).

trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1855

What within me and without,

Hourly on my spirit weighs,

Burdening heart and soul with doubt,

Darkening all my weary days:

In it I behold Thy will,

God, who givest rest and peace,

And my heart is calm and still,

Waiting till Thou send release.

God! Thou art my rock of strength,

And my home is in Thine arms,

Thou wilt send me help at length,

And I feel no wild alarms.

Sin nor Death can pierce the shield

Thy defence has o'er me thrown,

Up to Thee myself I yield,

And my sorrows are Thine own.


Thou my shelter from the blast,

Thou my strong defence art ever;

Though my sorrows thicken fast,

Yet I know Thou leav'st me never;

When my foe puts forth his might,

And would tread me in the dust,

To this rock I take my flight,

And I conquer him through trust.


When my trials tarry long,

Unto Thee I look and wait,

Knowing none, though keen and strong,

Can my faith in Thee abate.

And this faith I long have nurst,

Comes alone, O Lord, from Thee;

Thou my heart didst open first,

Thou didst set this hope in me.

Christians! cast on Him your load,

To your tower of refuge fly;

Know He is the Living God,

Ever to His creatures nigh.

Seek His ever-open door

In your hours of utmost need;

All your hearts before Him pour,

He will send you help with speed.

But hast thou some darling plan,

Cleaving to the things of earth?

Leanest thou for aid on man?

Thou wilt find him nothing worth.

Rather trust the One alone

Whose is endless power and love,

And the help He gives His own,

Thou in very deed shalt prove.

Yea, on Thee, my God, I rest,

Letting life float calmly on,

For I know the last is best,

When the crown of joy is won.

In Thy might all things I bear,

In Thy love find bitters sweet,

And with all my grief and care

Sit in patience at Thy feet.


O my soul, why art thou vexed?

Let things go as e'en they will;

Though to thee they seem perplexed,

Yet His order they fulfil.

Here He is thy strength and guard,

Power to harm thee here has none;

Yonder will He each reward

For the works he here has done.

Let Thy mercy's wings be spread

O'er me, keep me close to Thee,

In the peace Thy love doth shed,

Let me dwell eternally.

Be my All; in all I do

Let me only seek Thy will,

Where the heart to Thee is true,

All is peaceful, calm, and still.

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