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Second Sunday after Trinity.

And this is His commandment; That we should believe on the name of His Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, as He gave us commandment.

From the Epistle. [1 Jn. 3:23]


Herz und Herz vereint zusammen

After Zinzendorf. About 1731.

trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1855

Heart and heart together bound,

Seek in God your true repose,

In your love the price be found

Of your Saviour's love and woes;

We the members, He the Head,

He the sun, we beams He showers,

Brethren by one Master led,

We are His, and he is ours.

Children of His realm draw near,

Make your covenant stronger still,

From your hearts allegiance swear

Unto Him who conquered ill.

If your bonds are yet too weak,

If but fragile yet they prove,

Help from His good Spirit seek

Who can steel the chains of love.

Only such love will suffice,

As the love that dwells in Him,

Love that from the cross ne'er flies,

Love that spares not life or limb;

'Twas for sinners He was slain,

'Twas for foes He shed His blood,

That His death for all might gain

Endless life--the Highest Good.


Thus, O truest Friend, unite

All Thy consecrated band,

That their hearts be set aright

To fulfil Thy last command.

Each must onward urge his friend,

Helping him in word and deed,

Love's blest pathway to ascend,

Following on where Thou dost lead.

Thou who dost command that all

Practise love who bear Thy name,

Wake the dead, new followers call,

Touch the slothful with Thy flame.

Let us live, O Lord, at one,

As Thou with the Father art,

That through all the world be none

Of Thy members left apart.

Then were given what Thou hast sought,

In the Son were all men freed,

And the world at last were taught

That Thy rule is blest indeed.

Father of all souls, we praise

Thee who shinest in the Son;

Lord, to Thee our hymns we raise,

Who hast all men to Thee drawn!

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