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Songs of the Cross

In Outward and Inward Distress

From the Dark Times of the Thirty Years' War.


O Christe Morgensterne


O Christ, Thou bright and Morning Star,

Now shed Thy light abroad;

Shine on us from Thy throne afar

In this dark place, dear Lord,

With Thy pure glorious word.

O Jesus, Comfort of the poor,

I lift my heart to Thee,

I know Thy mercies still endure

And Thou wilt pity me;

I trust alone to Thee.


I cannot rest, I may not sleep,

No joy or peace I know,

My soul is torn with anguish deep

And fears a deeper woe;

O Christ, Thy pity show!

For Thou didst suffer for my soul,

Her burdens to remove;

Oh make me through Thy sorrows whole,

Refresh me with Thy love;

Lord, help me from above.

Then Jesus, glory, honour, praise,

I'll ever sing to Thee;

Increase my faith that Thou wilt raise

Me once where I shall see

Eternal joys with Thee!

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