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28 A dread hath come on me S. Dach 1640
148 A pilgrim here I wander Gerhardt 1650
124 A sure stronghold our God is He Luther 1529
14 Abide among us with Thy grace Stegmann 1629
42 Against Thee only have I sinned Gellert 1757
101 Ah God, from heaven look down and see Luther 1523
136 Ah God, my days are dark indeed Hojer 1584
50 Ah Jesus, the merit Layritz 1854?
21 Ah Lord, how shall I meet Thee Gerhardt 1653
51 Ah, wounded Head that bearest Gerhardt 1659
52 Alas! dear Lord, what law J. Heerman 1630
107 Alas! my God! my sins are great Rutilius 1604
1 All glory be to God on High N. Von Hofe 1529
31 All my heart this night rejoices Gerhardt 1656
8 All my hope is grounded surely Neander 1679
2 All praise and thanks to God most high Schutz 1673
130 All things hang on our possessing Anon. about 1676
43 Am I on earth a lone and friendless stranger Raiszner 1678
22 Arise, the kingdom is at hand Rist 1651
161 As a bird at dawning singeth Anon. about 1580
27 Awake, thou careless world, awake! Rist 1651
92 Baptised into Thy name most holy Rambach 1723
12 Blessed Jesus, at Thy Word Clausnitzer 1671
90 Blessed Jesus, here we stand Schmolck 1704
49 Christ, the life of all the living Homburg 1659
58 Christ the Lord is risen again B. Brethren 1531
99 Christ will gather His own Chr. Gregor 1778
181 Come, Christians, praise your Maker's Liebich 1768
86 Come, Holy Ghost, Creator, come
72 Come, Holy Spirit, God and Lord Luther 1524
162 Come, my soul, awake, 't is morning V. Canitz died 1699
4 Cometh sunshine after rain Gerhardt 1659
83 Comfort, comfort ye my people D. J. Olearius 1671
63 Conquering Prince and Lord of Glory Tersteegen 1731
126 Courage, my sorely tempted heart! Böhmer 1704
159 Dayspring of Eternity V. Rosenroth 1684
191 Deal with me, God, in mercy now Schein 1628
93 Deck thyself, my soul, with gladness J. Frank 1653
68 Draw us to Thee, Lord Jesus Ludämilia Elisabeth, Countess of Schwarzburg Rudolstadt 1687
57 Ere yet the dawn hath filled the skies J. Heermann 1630
123 Faith is a living power from heaven B. Brethren
137 Farewell, I gladly bid Thee V. Herberger 1613
140 From God shall nought divide me Helmbold 1563
30 From heaven above to earth I come Luther 1538
91 From Thy heavenly throne Marot modern
188 Go and dig my grave today E. M. Arndt 1819
160 God who madest earth and heaven H. Albert 1644
129 Great High-priest, who deign'dst to be Scheffler 1657
196 Hark! a voice saith, All are mortal Albinus 1652
104 Hark! the Church proclaims her honour Preiswerk modern
105 Heart and heart together bound Zinzendorf 1731
65 Heavenward doth our journey tend Schmolck 1731
172 Help us, O Lord, behold we enter Rist 1644
122 Here behold me, as I cast me J. Neander 1679
45 Here, O my God, low at Thy feet Anon. 18th century
69 Holy Ghost, my Comforter Tr. of the 17th century
74 Holy Spirit, once again J. Neander 1679
36 How brightly beams the Morning Star J. A. Schlegel 1765
121 I know, my God, and I rejoice P. Gerhardt 1656
185 I know the doom that must befall me S. Franck 1711
6 I praise Thee, O my God and Father Mentzer 1704
134 If thou but suffer God to guide thee Neumarck 1653
60 In Death's strong grasp the Saviour lay Luther 1524
180 In God's name let us on our way Anon. before Luther
147 In God, my faithful God Weingärtner 1609
81 In peace and joy I now depart Luther 1525
156 In Thee is gladness Lindemann died 1630
120 In Thee, Lord, have I put my trust Reisner 1533
138 In Thy heart and hands, my God Winkler 1713
39 Is thy heart athirst to know Laurenti 1700
117 Jehovah, let me now adore Thee Crasselius 1697
195 Jerusalem, thou city fair and high Meyfart 1634
174 Jesu, day by day Zinzendorf
151 Jesu, priceless treasure J. Franck 1659
178 Jesu, when Thou once returnedst Bahnmaier 1823
59 Jesus Christ, my sure Defence Louisa Henrietta of Brandenburgh 1653
109; Jesus, pitying Saviour, hear me Tersteegen 1731
106 Jesus, whom Thy Church doth own P. Flemming 1631
24 Let the earth now praise the Lord H. Held 1643
29 Let us all with gladsome voice Anon. appears 1682
25 Lift up your heads, ye mighty gates Weiszel 1635
17 Light of Light, enlighten me Schmolck 1731
80 Light of the Gentile nations J. Franck 1653
3 Lo, heaven and earth, and sea and air J. Neander 1679
119 Lord, all my heart is fix'd on Thee Schalling 1594
183 Lord God, we worship Thee J. Franck 1653
116 Lord, hear the voice of my complaint Anon. 1529
112 Lord Jesu Christ, in Thee alone Schneesing 1522
182 Lord Jesu Christ, the Prince of Peace Ebert died 1614
19 Lord Jesu Christ, with us abide Selnecker 1587
13 Lord Jesus Christ, be present now! W. August II, Duke of Saxeweimar 1651
190 Lord Jesus Christ, my Life, my Light M. Behemb 1606
179 Lord Jesus Christ, we come to Thee B. Brethren
55 Lord Jesus, who our souls to save G. Werner 1638
103 Lord, keep us steadfast in Thy Word Luther 1542
66 Lord, on earth I dwell sad-hearted Neumann 1700
44 Lord, to Thee I make confession J. Franck 1653
152 Loving Shepherd, kind and true Scheffler 1657
76 Most High and Holy Trinity Scheffler 1657
127 My cause is God's, and I am still Pappus 1598
108 My God, behold me lying Drewes 1797
133 My God, in Thee all fulness lies Anon.
194 My God, to Thee I now commend Hiller 1765
164 My inmost heart now raises Anon. 1592
67 My Jesus, if the Seraphim Dessler 1692
186 My life is hid in Jesus Anon. 1608
7 My soul, now praise thy Maker Gramann 1540
41 Not in anger, mighty God Albinus 1652
158 Nothing fair on earth I see Scheffler 1657
169 Now all the woods are sleeping Gerhardt 1653
131 Now at last I end the strife Tersteegen 1731
170 Now God be with us B. Brethren
97 Now hush your cries, and shed no tear N. Hermann 1560
96 Now lay we calmly in the grave M. Weiss 1531
177 Now let us loudly Löwenstern died 1648
11 Now thank we all our God Rinckart 1648
165 Now that the sun doth shine no more Hertzog 1670
100 O Christ, our true and only Light J. Heermann 1630
144 O Christ, Thou bright and Morning Star Anon. Thirty Years' War
54 O darkest woe, ye tears, forth flow Rist 1637
118 O God, I long Thy Light to see A. Unrich of Brunswick 1667
115 O God, Thou faithful God J. Heermann 1630
70 O Holy Spirit, enter in M. Schirmer 1650
37 O Jesu, King of Glory M. Behemb 1606
46 O Lamb of God, most stainless N. von Hofe 1534
94 O Living Bread from Heaven Rist 1651
192 O Lord my God, I cry to Thee Selnecker 1587
47 O Love, who formedst me to wear Scheffler 1657
149 O Morning Star, how fair and bright Nicolai 1598
62 O risen Lord, O conquering King Böhmer 1706
154 O Thou essential Word Laurenti 1700
155 O Thou of God the Father Eliz. Creutziger 1524
189 O world, I now must leave thee J. Hesse before 1547
175 Oh blest the house, whate'er befall C. C. L. von Pfeil 1735
71 Oh, enter, Lord, Thy temple Gerhardt 1653
197 Oh how blest are ye beyond our telling S. Dach 1657
95 Oh how could I forget him Kern died 1835
33 Oh rejoice, ye Christians, loudly Keimann 1656
5 Oh would, my God, that I could praise J. Mentzer 1704
173 Oh wouldst Thou in Thy glory come A. H. Francke 1691
26 Once He came in blessing M. Weiss 1531
18 Once more the daylight shines abroad B. Brethren
15 Open now Thy gates of beauty Schmolck 1704
114 Our Father, Thou in heaven above Luther 1539
40 Out of the depths I cry to Thee Luther 1524
85 Praise and thanks to Thee be sung Rist 1655
9 Praise to the Lord, the Almighty J. Neander 1679
113 Pure Essence! Spotless Fount of Light Freylinghausen 1713
23 Redeemer of the Nations, come J. Franck
23 Redeemer of the Nations, come after St. Ambrose
32 Rejoice, rejoice, ye Christians Anon. early
78 Rise, follow me, Our Master saith Scheffler 1653
125 Rise, my soul, to watch and pray Freystein 1697
38 Rise, O Salem, rise and shine Rist 1655
146 Seems it in my anguish lone Titius died 1703
10 Shall I not sing praise to Thee Gerhardt 1659
64 Since Christ is gone to heaven, His home Wegelin 1636
167 Sink not yet, my soul, to slumber Rist 1642
176 Spread, O spread, thou mighty word Bahnmaier 1823
128 Strive aright when God doth call thee Winkler 1703
73 Sweetest Fount of holy gladness Gerhardt 1653
184 Thank God, it hath resounded Gerhardt 1648
168 The day is done and left alone Freylinghausen 1704
166 The happy sunshine all is gone N. Hermann 1560
171 The old year now hath passed away Tapp 1603
98 The precious seed of weeping Spitta modern
16 Thee, Fount of blessing, we adore Tersteegen 1731
35 Thee, O Immanuel, we praise Gerhardt 1653
150 Thee will I love, my Strength and Tower Scheffler 1657
56 Thou, sore-oppressed, the Sabbath rest Viktor Strauss modern
82 Thou virgin soul! O thou Buhrmeister died 1688
111 Thou who breakest every chain G. Arnold 1697
89 Thy parents' arms now yield thee A. Knapp modern
102 Thy Word, O Lord, is gentle dew Anon.
79 True Shepherd, who in love most deep Hesenthaler
157 Up, yes, upward to thy gladness Schade 1699
200 Wake, awake, for night is flying Nocolai 1598
87 Wake, Spirit, who in times now olden Bogatsky 1727
75 We all believe in one True God Clausnitzer 1671
34 We Christians may rejoice today ? Author Gaspar Fugger +1617
34 We Christians may rejoice today Appears 1645
61 Welcome, Thou victor in the strife Schmolck 1712
132 Well for him who all things losing G. Arnold 1697
110 What shall I, a sinner do Flittner 1661
139 What within me and without A. H. Francke died 1727
135 Whate'er my God ordains is right Rodigast 1675
142 When anguish'd and perplex'd Löwenstern died 1648
141 When in the hour of utmost need Paul Eber 1567
193 When my last hour is close at hand N. Hermann 1560
48 When o'er my sins I sorrow Gesenius 1646
53 When on the cross the Saviour hung Ancient
199 When the Lord recalls the banish'd Bürde 1794
153 Wherefore dost Thou longer tarry Gerhardt 1653
163 While yet the morn is breaking J. Mühlmann 1618
77 Who are those that far before me Schenck died 1727
187 Who knows how near his end may be Emilie-Juliane, Countess of Schwarzburgh Rudolstadt 1686
145 Who puts his trust in God most just Anon. 1571
143 Why art thou thus cast down, my heart Hans Sachs 1552
198 World, farewell, of thee I'm tired Albinus 1652
20 Ye heavens, oh haste your dews to shed J. Franck 1653
88 Ye servants of the Lord who stand Lobwasser 1573
84 Ye sons of men, in earnest Thilo 1642
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