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[See No. 199.

Goudimel's Melody to Psalm xlii, "Comme en void un cerf qui brâme," known in Germany under the title "," as it is found, both in melody and harmony, in Samuel Marshall's edition of the Whole Book of Psalms. Basle, 1594.1717In this reprint of Goudimel's Psalmody (French) 1565, the melody is, for the first time, given to the highest voice. In Goudimel's original work the melody is entrusted to the tenor, as was customary in his time.

O my soul, be glad and cheerful,

Now forget thy misery;

From this earth so dark and tearful,

Christ the Lord is calling thee.

Out of sorrows, fears, and woe,

To that joy thou now shalt go;

Which our thought may picture never,

But we know it lasts for ever.

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