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(Index of Tunes, XCV.)


Tune.--"Jesu, day by day."

Sheet Music

Von des Himmels Thron

Marot, modern

From Thy heav'nly home,

Son of God, make known

Now Thy pow'r, Thy Spirit send us,

Strength for this great work to lend us,

That we all may be

Wholly giv'n to Thee.

Thou our hearts prepare,

Shed Thy gladness there,

That we boldly may confess Thee

As our only Lord, and bless Thee

Whose most precious blood

Flow'd to work our good.

Draw our hearts above,

Fill them with Thy love,

So to keep the vows we offer,

Scorning all that earth can proffer,

Truly day by day

Walking in Thy way.

And as we draw near

For Thy blessing here,

May Thy grace in heavenly showers

Quicken all our inner powers,

And Thy light and peace

In our hearts increase.

Let Thy Spirit, Lord,

Promised in Thy Word,

Keep us steadfastly in union

With Thy faithful saints' communion,

Till in yon blest place

We behold Thy face!

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