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Saints' Days

(Index of Tunes, CII.)


Tune.--"From God shall nought divide me."

Sheet Music

Mit Ernst, O Menschenkinder

Thilo, 1642

Ye sons of men, in earnest

Prepare your hearts within,

The wondrous Conqu'ror cometh,

Whose power can save from sin,

Whom God in grace alone

Hath promised long to send us,

To lighten and befriend us,

And make His mercy known.

Oh set your ways in order

When such a guest is nigh;

Make plain the paths before Him

That now deserted lie.

Forsake what He doth hate,

Exalt the lowly valleys,

Bring down all pride and malice,

And make the crooked straight.

The heart that's meek and lowly

Is highest with our God;

The heart now proud and lofty

He humbles with His rod;

The heart that's unenticed

By sin, and fears to grieve Him,

Is ready to receive Him,

To such comes Jesus Christ.

'Twas thus St. John hath taught ws,

'Twas thus he preacb'd of yore;

And they will feel God's anger

Who list not to his lore.

Ah God! now let his voice

To Thy true service win us,

That Christ may come within us,

And we in Him rejoice!

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