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(LV.--"Jesus, meine Zuversicht.")


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Jesus, meine Zuversicht

Louisa Henrietta of Brandenburgh, 1653

Jesus Christ, my sure Defence

And my Saviour, ever liveth;

Knowing this, my confidence

Rests upon the hope it giveth,

Though the night of death be fraught

Still with many an anxious thought.

Jesus, my Redeemer, lives!

I too unto life must waken;

He will have me where He is,

Shall my courage then be shaken?

Shall I fear? Or could the Head

Rise and leave its members dead?

Nay, too closely am I bound

Unto Him by hope for ever;

Faith's strong hand the Rock hath found,

Grasped it, and will leave it never;

Not the ban of death can part

From its Lord the trusting heart.

What now sickens, mourns, and sighs,

Christ with Him in glory bringeth;

Earthly is the seed and dies,

Heavenly from the grave it springeth;

Natural is the death we die,

Spiritual our life on high.

Then take comfort, nay, rejoice,

For His members Christ will cherish;

Fear not, they will know His voice,

Though awhile they seem to perish,

When the final trump is heard,

And the deaf, cold grave is stirred.

Laugh to scorn the gloomy grave,

And at death no longer tremble,

For the Lord, who comes to save,

Round Him shall His saints assemble,

Raising them o'er all their foes,

Mortal weakness, fear, and woes.

Only draw away your heart

Now from pleasures base and hollow;

Would ye there with Christ have part,

Here His footsteps ye must follow;

Fix your heart beyond the skies,

Whither ye yourselves would rise!

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