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(XLVII.--"Ich steh' in Angst und Pein.")


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Ich steh' in Angst und Pein

S. Dach, 1640

A dread hath come on me,

I know not where to flee,

My pow'rs can nought avail me;

My trembling limbs grow weak,

My lips refuse to speak,

My heart and senses fail me:

For thinking on that sound

That once shall pierce the ground

And make its slumb'rers tremble,--

"Arise! the Day of Doom

Is come at last,--is come!

Before the judge assemble!

Ah God! no tempest's shock

That cleaves the solid rock

Could make my spirit shiver

As doth that awful tone;

Were my heart steel or stone

'T would hear that voice and quiver.

I eat, or wake, or sleep,

I talk, or smile, or weep,

Yet still that voice of thunder

Is sounding through my heart,--

"Forget not what thou art,

The doom thou liest under!

For daily do I see

How many deaths there be,

How swiftly all things wither;

How sickness fills the grave,

Or fire, or sword, or wave

Is sweeping thousands thither.

My turn will soon be here,

The end is drawing near,

I hear its warning plainly;

Death knocketh at my door

And tells me all is o'er,

And I would fly him vainly.

Ah! who in this my strait

Will be mine Advocate?

Will all things leave me friendless?

My wealth and power are dust,

This Judge is ever just,

His righteous doom is endless.

Lord Jesus Christ! 't is Thou

Alone canst help me now,

But 't was for this Thou camest,

To save us in this hour;--

Then show Thy mercy's power,

For they are safe Thou claimest.

Speak Thou for me! Thou art

The refuge of my heart;

With gladness let me hear Thee;

Bid me to Thee ascend,

Where praise shall never end,

And love shall aye be near Thee.

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