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IT is fit the Reader should know, that the preceding Testimony was signed and sent to the press before the assembly 1744; otherwise some occurrencies, which have made some noise since that time, had been noticed in it, some of which I shall mention in a Postscript after the Adherence and subscriptions subjoined to this Testimony.

Likewise it is proper to acquaint the Reader, (lest he be surprised with the paucity of the subscribers) that there were not very many who had opportunity to see and peruse the Testimony before it was published; and a great part of these who did see it, though they agreed to the scope and substance of it, in regard it contained their sentiments, yet they thought not proper to subscribe it upon some prudential considerations, which (with all submission) I cannot say have the same weight with me as with them. Yet at the same time l am bound in justice to own, that sundry of these are persons whom I highly value, and reckon to be real friends of truth and reformation as well as others. Wherefore, when I found things turn out in this manner, and not as I expected, I desisted from asking more subscriptions to this Testimony, which (as told in the Preface and in the Adherence) was not designed to be the badge of a party, or a term of communion.—But if any now, upon seeing and considering this Testimony when published, with the reasons for it, shall incline to join with it, and send their subscriptions to the Printer, with such form of Adherence, Exceptions or Amendments, as they think proper, they shall be taken in, and justice done them in a second Edition, if it be called for.


As for these who have willingly offered their subscriptions to this Essay, I could not warrantably suppress them, though few, without their own consent. God may countenance the honest mints of a small number when he thinks fit. Wherefore I shall annex them here, with the form of Adherence which they agreed unto.

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