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Chapter 15. Wesley Opens a New Church; Comments on Rousseau; Geology; Swedenborg, and Riding Horseback; Gwennap and 20,000 People; Death of Whitefield

1769. Monday, January 9.--I spent a comfortable and profitable hour with Mr. Whitefield, in calling to mind the former times and the manner wherein God prepared us for a work which it had not then entered into our hearts to conceive.

Friday, February 17 (Yarmouth).--I abridged Dr. Watts's pretty Treatise on the Passions. His hundred and seventy-seven pages will make a useful tract of four-and-twenty. Why do persons who treat the same subjects with me, write so much larger books? Of many reasons, is not this the chief--we do not write with the same view? Their principal end is to get money; my only one, to do good.

Monday, 27 (London. 2828     Correct to the text )--I had one more agreeable conversation with my old friend and fellow laborer, George Whitefield. His soul appeared to be vigorous still, but his body was sinking apace; unless God interposes, he must soon finish his labors.

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